I am an Architectural Interior Plan Designer and a Project Coordinator when needed. I do architectural design work to facilitate and make sure the project is as beautiful as possible. My specialty has been cabinetry-design from kitchens to detailed libraries, custom closets, bathrooms, paneling and all millwork. I can also oversee the project and act as the coordinator for all parties involved in a project. I organize and create a center for information if needed and all parties are then able to contact one person. My job is to make sure that everyone is on the same page and to get all the design specifications and coordinate with all parties to make sure every detail is accounted for and will work with the actual project. I like to start working at the beginning of a building project and coordinate the planning side and execution. I was made for my job as I love details and have tremendous organizational skills.

I was born in the South of Spain to American parents and have lived through out Europe and South America and moved to the USA with my family in the 80’s. I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently and have a grasp of multicultural designs.